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Why 3F-BJMF trade union?

Sign up before you need our help! - Just as you would also pay insurance before your house burns down.
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Danish wages have not always been as high, and the Danish construction sites have not always been as safe, as they are today. This change happened because we chose to stand together in trade unions. 3F-BJMF rests on this foundation of more than 100 years of proud traditions and fierce fighting for better working conditions and it is still an ongoing battle. 

In Denmark improvements on the workplace are something we create together, so there is a need for you. Join the union and stand together - It still makes a difference!

3F is Denmark’s strongest trade union, with collective agreements at more workplaces than any other labour union. Every year, 3F collects nearly DKK 2 billion in compensation for its members.

As a member, you receive:
  • Help to secure good pay and working conditions
  • Advice and guidance on living in Denmark
  • Help to translate websites and letters from state and municipality
  • Help in case of any problems arising at your workplace
  • Help to obtaining compensation if you suffer an injury at work
  • Help with continuing training, including personal training plans
  • Group life insurance and personal accident insurance
  • Member offers in LO+
  • Help to secure your salary and holiday money if your company go bankrupt 
In addition to the individual help, 3F performs a wide range of tasks in the Danish society:
  • Fighting to secure good pay and working conditions on all jobsites 
  • 3F negotiates and develops collective agreements
  • 3F actively participates in the development of the educations
  • 3F fights for a good working environment and safe jobsites
  • 3F fights for a strong welfare society
  • 3F affects politicians to ensure that the workers voice are heard

It costs around 600 kr per month, but it is deducted from tax, so the price is closer to 400 kr.

Reed more here. 
English admission form: https://www2.3f.dk/optagelse/en/p000a?k=1