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What is SH payment?

SH payment - is a supplement to the salary that employers who have signed a collective agreement, must pay its workers.

SH is an abbreviation for holiday payment (in Danish SøgneHelligdagsbetaling), and the SH-payment must normally be made when public holidays fall on weekdays. It could, for example, be in connection with Easter, where each year there are 3 public holidays in a row, namely Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Who is entitled to SH payment?

SH payment is not stipulated by law, but is part of the collective of most FH unions agreements. 3F is a FH trade union. Around 70% of all employers in Denmark have signed a collective agreement with 3F or another FH trade union.

Read more about collective agreements here: https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/wages-and-working-hours/the-collective-agreement-in-denmark

You should be able to see which collective agreement applies to you on your employment contract, but if you want to be absolutely sure, contact your trade union.

How is SH payment calculated?

The SH payment is an additional supplement which is calculated as a percentage of your salary. You should be able to see your SH savings on your payslip. Sometimes the savings is listed as a discretionary account (Fritvalgskonto).

In most of 3F's collective agreements, the SH payment is currently: 12.9% of the salary.

When should the SH savings be paid out?

Normally, a worker receives his SH payment when there are public holidays. So when the salary is due, the SH payment for any holidays which have landed on a weekday in the period, is paid out. 

In most of 3F's collective agreements, the payout is for a single day right now: DKK 1,300. The employer must of course withhold and settle tax of the SH payment.

The SH payment when the year ends

Even if you receive your SH payment continuously, it may turn out that the accounts do not add up at the end of the year. In these cases, the money must be paid with the year's last salary payment.

SH payment when you stop working for the company

If you stop working for the company, your SH savings must be paid to you, upon the next payment of salary.

If you have any questions, contact your trade union.
About BJMF: https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/about-the-union