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Unemployment insurance - A-kassen

In Denmark, we have no compulsory unemployment insurance. It is therefore your own responsibility to become a member of an unemployment fund. The unemployment funds (A-Kasse) are most frequently administered by the trade unions.
A kasse

The unemployment funds (A-Kasse) are most frequently administered by the trade unions like 3F-BJMF.

Being a member of a A-kasse guaranteeing you financial support in the case of unemployment. For full-time work with a minimum of DKK 140 per hour, you will be paid up till DKK 24.199 (before tax) for a maximum of 24 months.

However, there are a number of requirements you need to overcome to receive unemployment benefits from an a-kasse.

First you must be a member of the unemployment insurance fund for a minimum of 12 months, while you work, and you must earn a minimum of DKK 263.232.
before tax. Membership of the unemployment insurance fund costs around DKK 537 / month, but is deductible from Tax.

If you are a member of the unemployment fund, you earn entitlement to unemployment benefits. But it is very important that your wage is at least equivalent to the wage that has been agreed in your collective agreement. Otherwise, your working hours do not count towards your entitlement.

There are several other requirements that you need to keep an eye on. For example, it is also important that you are fired and not resign yourself. You must also have a Danish address when you start the unemployment benefit.

Your A-kasse will help you understand and comply with the requirements.

Take your unemployment money home

Once you have lit the right to A Kasse, you can fill in some paperwork and be allowed to take 3 months' unemployment benefits, approx. DKK 58,000 (Before Tax), to another EU or EAA country, while you are looking for work there.

You must maintain your membership in the Danish Unemployment Insurance Fund during the period.

If you cannot find a new job while you are in your home country, and want to continue receiving unemployment benefits, then you must travel back to Denmark and register as unemployed before the three months expire.

3F-BJMF A-kasse is Denmark’s best local unemployment insurance fund. As a member, you receive

  • Personal service at 64 branches all over the country
  • Unemployment benefits on time
  • Up to DKK 24.199 per month (when at the maximum rate)
  • Unemployment benefits for up to two years
  • Opportunity to join early retirement scheme
  • Help with finding a new job
  • Job search courses / Danish courses
  • Guidance regarding educational opportunities
  • Access to My 3F, where you can complete and submit your unemployment benefit card and other subsidy cards
  • Help writing your CV and job plan
  • Interpreter help if you are also a member of the union

Digital mail and mit3f.dk

3F and 3F's unemployment benefit fund use digital mail. This means that you will find mail from us in "Mit arkiv", under Mit3F.

3F will help you find new work

3F can help you find a new job easier and faster. We register vacant jobs that we receive directly from companies, trust representatives and job centers. Therefore, 3F can help you get to work when you are unemployed, or help you find another job. Our instructions and advice are free. 3F jobformidling on the internet is in Danish, but your local A-kasse can help you translate.

3F Jobformidling: https://3f-fagjob.ankiro.dk/content/default.aspx

More on the same topic: https://tema.3f.dk/en/3fsprog/unemployment-benefits/unemployment-benefits-and-unemployment-fund-in-denmark