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How to get a CPR address in Denmark

You are entitled to get a CPR adresse (Folkeregister adresse) if you are living in Denmark for more than three months.

There are some advantages to having a CPR address in Denmark. For example, you must have a CPR address in order to receive danish unemployment benefit (Akasse). Reed more about A-kaae here: https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/new-in-denmark/unemployment-insurance-a-kassen

In order to have a registered CPR address, you must live mostly in Denmark, which means that you cannot have two parallel homes. You must also have a home where it is allowed to be CPR registered and you are always supposed to be registered where you actually live and stay.

A example: If you work in shifts of 4 weeks in Denmark and are one week in your home country, over many months. You live in a camp, with many other workers, provided by your company. You can probably get a CPR address, in this case, where you stay most days in Denmark.

How to get a CPR address

Before you register a CPR address, you must first apply for an EU registration certificate here OD1: https://blanket.nyidanmark.dk/xform/formularer/OD1.form.aspx

Afterwards book an appointment with SIRI to pick up the certificate.

When you have the EU registration certificate, contact the Citizens' Service (Borgerservice) in the municipality where you live.

If you live in the Greater Copenhagen area, you can use International House:

Can your landlord refuse to approve your CPR registration?

You may meet resistance from your landlord. In this case you can try to document to the municipality that you actually live at the address. In the end, your landlord may be fined for refusing to let you register.

Of course, it will cause conflict if you drag your landlord into court, and if your landlord is your employer, then that makes the situation more complex. But you have rights as a tenant, even if the camp is part of your salary. You can read about your rights here:

You can also consider finding your own accommodation here: