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About the Danish Labour Market Consortium

In 2017, the United Federation of Workers in Denmark (3F), the Danish Trade Union Development Agency (DTDA), and the Confederation of Danish Industry came together in a consortium to make use of the experiences from the Danish labour market model to support improvements of labour market conditions of developing countries.

Denmark has a long-established, well-proven and successful recipe for a well-functioning labour market, where both the trade union movement and employers contribute to the welfare of society as well as of the individual. Our point of departure is that we are strong, equal parties, sitting at the same table – on opposite sides.

Despite the basic differences and different interests, employers and workers have a common vision of growth and balance in society. 

As a consortium, we have chosen to cooperate in those areas, where we share common ground and mutual interests. We want a peaceful, more democratic world with sustainable growth, a healthy private and public sector plus decent, profitable jobs for all. 

Our cooperation focuses on four main areas: 

• An organized labour market
• Social dialogue
• Better framework conditions, and
• Competitive companies, operating in a sustainable and responsible manner

Four areas that promote development – for the benefit of both the developing countries and Denmark. Areas that are also contained in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8 about decent work and sustainable economic growth. 

A stable and productive labour market, both public and private, with decent jobs is also the foundation of the fulfilment of other Sustainable Development Goals, such as eliminating poverty (Goal 1) and reducing inequalities (Goal 10).

The Labour Market Consortium contributes to the Danish strategic development cooperation and has been assured financial support until 2021 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Danida.