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United Federation of Workers in Denmark (3F)

The United Federation of Workers in Denmark, known as 3F, is Denmark’s largest trade union with approximately 272,000 members within industry, construction, transport, public and private service, and agriculture.

3F’s roots date back to the labour struggles that lead to the development of the ”Danish model”. By following a strategy of securing education for the members and training unskilled workers, 3F has contributed to Denmark becoming a welfare state with a high degree of equality and wealth. 

Internationally, 3F works for the rights of all workers and their possibility of organizing themselves and negotiate better conditions – no matter if the they work in a banana plantation in Colombia or a clothing factory in Myanmar. 

3F provides direct support and advisory service to a large number of sister organizations around the world. Our sister organizations are formed by workers from the same sectors, as 3F organizes in Denmark. 3F has regional offices in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and a large network of volunteers that are active within the union.

3F contributes to the creation of decent jobs by supporting our sister organizations in organizing workers, educating shop stewards, negotiating collective agreements and taking part in the social dialogue with employers and governments.