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OK23 Kick- off!

Come and support our negotiators.
klap forhandlingerne ind

On January 12, the negotiations begins for the collective agreement for the construction sector. This is when the trade union will take up the battle with the employers regarding our pay and working conditions in the coming years.

When the collective agreement negotiations starts, it is important that we all support our negotiators.

For the first time, we are going to negotiate with Dansk Industri (DI) and it is therefore extra important that we put pressure on the employers so that we secure an agreement that we can live off of in the coming years.

Rising prices in society, stagnant wages, and massive social dumping is something that affects the entire construction sector and that we all feel.

It is now time to fight to secure a sector we can and will work in, also in the future. The profits of the employers and contractors have been steadily increasing in the last several years, wages have not kept up. 

We don't know what the future holds in the construction industry, so now DI must go to their pockets and pay us who actually creates their profits.

Therefore, 3F calls on trade unions from all over the country for all construction workers to show up in front of DI on January 12 to support our negotiators for their first negotiation.

We look forward to a day where we together will fight for a good agreement.

The program will offer good music, delicious food, funny features and a few good unionist speeches. Detailed program will be published continuously.

Contact your local 3F trade union to sign up for shared transport to Copenhagen.
(May not lead to strikes).

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