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News from BJMF Immigrant

Victory at the building site in Hedehusene

Danish salary for Lithuanian constructionworkers in Hedehusene

UAB Ekstatyba has today, August 10, signed a collective agreement with 3F.

Tjek din maj loen

Check your May salary!

Due to the Corona crisis, we did not get the big pay rise to the lowest paid we wanted, but our negotiators did get some results, that you should be able to see on your paycheck for the month of May.


Employees at BIO4 inhaled toxic fumes for months

On Copenhagen's new green BIO4 heating plant on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen, which is run by the energy company HOFOR A/S, employees have been exposed to repeated releases of toxic fumes.

Corona 3

Corona emergency response

The union has shut down to a minimum

OK20 immigrant

OK20: Large majority voted yes