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Ethiopian business organization ensures better conditions for companies


Ethiopia’s business environment is full of red tape and administrative hurdles. On the World Bank's ranking list, the country of Ethiopia is ranked number 159. It is, among others, one of the worst countries in the world if you need to obtain financing or start a business. 

To put business environment on the agenda, the business organization AACCSA now develops long-term plans for the development of the Ethiopian society. 

With a “2025 Policy Plan” and “2030 Development Plan”, AACCSA government is showing concrete measures that can be put in place to make Ethiopia's companies more competitive

A constructive approach is the way to results

The government has welcomed the business organization's new approach to political advocacy. Several of the improvements in the rules and procedures within customs, trade, investment and financing, requested by AACCSA, have been implemented. 

For instance, the procedural requirements to obtain a business license have been reduced from 1,000 to just 52. 

AACCSA's plans are made with support from the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), which has a lot of experience in using long-term plans to influence policies. 

"DI has been a role model for AACCSA in many of our transformative changes," says AACCSA Vice President Shibeshi Bettemariam. "We recognize the inspiration, knowledge transfer and support we have received from DI within, development of political plans, board trainings, SDGs, and the UN Global Compact. It has been of great benefit to our organization and our members.”