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Partnership offers new methods to improve framework conditions in Ukraine

Reliable data are crucial for labour market organisations when trying to influence their business climate. For FEU (the Federation of Employers of Ukraine) their partnership with the Confederation of Danish Industry is a shortcut to many years of experience with evidence-based protection of interests.

How can an employers’organisation with limited resources create better framework conditions for enterprises in a huge country, where many decision makers operate decentralized? This question is one of the focal points of DI’s partnership with FEU. 

Consequently, during a study tour, DI introduced DI’s business climate index to the FEU management, indicating how Danish companies each year rank municipalities according to their business friendliness. 

Systematic collection and publication of data coupled with an active PR effort generate important knowledge about the needs of enterprises and create a dynamic process where municipalities compete to create the best conditions for the private sector. 

Now, FEU has established its own business climate index

Through capacity building, FEU has now learned to make their own business climate indexes. Their ambition is to make a yearly index in order to track and document the developments among the municipalities. This will help centre framework conditions of enterprises on the agendas of local Ukrainian authorities. 

Ruslan Illichov is the Executive Director of FEU and he expects that the index will become an important new tool for Ukrainian businesses. 

"The index is our own barometer for assessing the business climate in the regions. This will allow us to create and maintain jobs and involve the local employers as much as possible in the assessment process. We will also be able to identify business climate indicators that both the employers and the authorities trust.”