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3F and EU

It is time workers get a fair deal in the EU

The EU and the European Single Market have contributed with more than half a million Danish jobs and brought about greater welfare and peace throughout Europe. Also in Denmark. Regrettably, however, for too many years there has been remarkably little focus on securing better conditions for those who make up the majority of the EU – the workers. 

3F - United Federation of Workers in Denmark is working to ensure that the European Single Market improve conditions for workers – and not only those for businesses. The free movement of workers and services shall not undermine Danish salaries and working conditions, as it happens every day on Danish roads and building sites, and in Danish hotels, horticulture, farms and factories. We need effective and palpable solutions, and we need them now – both for Danish and for European workers. It is about time that ordinary wage earners are able to feel that the EU is working for them rather than against them. 

In order to work, it is essential that the solutions respect the Danish collective bargaining model and the role played by the social partners. 3F is working to ensure that the European Single Market develops on the principle that our rights as workers and trade unions have the same status as the economic freedoms for businesses. On the principle that market profits are not given precedence over human rights and welfare. On the principle that we not only have free movement of workers and services within the EU, but also fair movement.

3F wants an EU to be fair for workers, fair for the solidarity and fair for the national labour market models. 

Put simply – 3F is working to ensure that the EU is Fair For All. 

In pursuing an EU which is fair for all, 3F established an EU-office in Brussels as the first Danish trade union in December 2018. 

3F’s European trade union federations:

3F’s EU-team

3F is working on influencing EU decision making both from our head office in Copenhagen and from our EU-office in Brussels. 

In Copenhagen, 3F work in close liaison with the FH –Danish Trade Union Confederation, other Danish trade unions and social partners, the Danish Government and Parliament and civil society. 

In Brussels 3F is in close contact with the EU institutions, the European trade union movement especially the six European Trade Union Federations which 3F are members of, the Danish Representation to the EU and relevant Brussels-based stakeholders. 

Contact, Copenhagen 

  • Peter Kaae Holm, politically responsible for EU-affairs in 3F: peter.holm@3f.dk / + 45 889 20258 
  • Nadja Lundholm Olsen, head of EU-affairs: Nadja.olsen@3f.dk / +45 88 92 03 51  

Contact, Brussels

Publications from 3F on EU-matters