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Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements (Overenskomster) A collective agreement is an agreement about working conditions entered between an employers' organisation or a business and 3F.

In Denmark, both parties – employee and employer – must adhere to the collective agreement. 

In the event of any disagreements as to how the collective agreement should be construed, 3F is in a position to assist you. 

The way in which collective agreements are set up may vary and, likewise, they may vary in content. This will very much depend on the nature of the work performed. However, a collective agreement will, as a minimum, contain rules about wage conditions and working hours. 

Many collective agreements

The Danish workers and trade unions have fought hard to obtain the right to enter into collective agreements on workplaces.

A collective agreement will cover all workers at the workplace. This is why all colleagues should be organised in the same union as the one that has entered the collective agreement.

3F operates with 194 industry-wide collective agreements. In addition, 3F monitors about 7846 local and accession agreements that are frequently applicable to just a single workplace.

If you are in doubt as to the conditions applicable to your workplace, you should contact your union representative or your local 3F trade union

No legal minimum wage required by law

3F takes on all the preparatory work in the negotiation of the Danish collective agreements that are instrumental in securing good pay and working conditions for you, the employee.

For instance, 37-hour working week, a day off on child's first day of illness, pension, plus agreed wage levels. All these are rights set out in the collective agreements. For in Denmark, we have no legislation that stipulates minimum wages or pension.

Typically, the collective agreement will comprise rules concerning:

  • Wages and wage increases
  • Pension
  • Working hours, overtime work and allowances
  • Notice of termination
  • Special holidays
  • Education and training

The collective agreements constitute an element in what is referred to as "The Danish Model". That is, a labour market based on agreements between the employers and the trade unions.

Unfortunately, many workers from abroad are cheated when taking on work in Denmark, because they are not familiar with Danish collective agreements.

For this reason, it is important to be a member of a trade union. We know what wages you are entitled to, and our experts within the field will help you to get compensation if you have been cheated.