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Working in the building sector

These rules apply to you as a building and construction worker (Byggegruppen) When you get a job in Denmark it is important that you join a trade union and an unemployment insurance fund, as that is the best way for you to ensure the you will have the best working conditions and avoid being cheated on wages.

You can always contact your local 3F branch to arrange membership and have answers to any questions you may have.

When you work in Denmark, you should know that collective agreements regulate the Danish labour market. These agreements are made between employers and workers (represented by 3F in your case).

3F makes sure that you have decent pay and working conditions and that you enjoy rights such as pension, holiday allowances, pay during sickness and a minimum wage. So it is important that your employer is covered by a collective agreement.

Contact your local 3F branch before you start working in Denmark. We can help you avoid poor pay and working conditions.


If you are covered by a collective agreement and work in the field of building and construction your hourly pay rate must be at least DKK 133.65. (Most workers in Denmark are paid more than the minimum wage rate).

The hourly rate paid for piecework is usually between DKK 185 and DKK 225.

It is important that you contact your local 3F branch to make sure that your pay rate is correct.

Remember to keep a log of your working hours.

Public holidays falling on weekdays / extra holiday entitlements

If you have time off on a public holiday you must, in lieu of ordinary wages, be paid an amount of DKK 1,300 from the fund covering work on public holidays that fall on a weekday.

Your employer pays an amount equivalent to 12.9% of your wages into the fund each month. You are also entitled to payment from the fund when you take one of the floating holidays to which you have a special right you have under your collective agreement.

Annual leave

If your employer is covered by a collective agreement you are entitled to at least six weeks’ annual leave. Contact your local 3F branch if you have questions concerning your holiday entitlements. 


Contact your local 3F branch if you want to know where your money has been deposited and how you may have the contributions paid out to you. 

Building and construction workers are entitled to pension contributions equivalent to 12% of their wages. The employer pays 8%, and the worker pays 4%. The contributions can either be paid to Pension Denmark or be deposited in the 3F Holiday Fund for later payment to the worker.

In addition, your employer contributes 0.15% of your wages to a healthcare scheme managed by the pension fund, which you can use free of charge. Available services include massage and chiropractic treatment, as well as other services you may need to prevent injury or obtain help if an injury has occurred.

Health and safety rules for building and construction workers in Denmark.

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