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Working in the building sector

Building & Construction Industry (Byggegruppen) When you get employment in Denmark, it is important that you become a member of a trade union and an unemployment fund. This way, you make sure that you will have the best working conditions and, further, that you avoid being cheated with respect to your wages.

When you work in Denmark, the labour market is regulated by the collective agreements. They are the result of negotiations between employers and employees (whom 3F represents).

3F will ensure that you have decent working conditions and get rights such as pension, paid holiday, sick pay, plus minimum wages. It is therefore important that your employer has entered into a collective agreement.

Contact your local 3F trade union prior to taking on employment in Denmark. We can help you avoid employment with poor wage and working conditions. 


If you are covered by a collective agreement and employed within the construction sector, you are – as a minimum – entitled to an hourly wage equal to DKK 131.15 (1.3.2022 133,65) (In Denmark, being paid more than the minimum wage is normal).

The hourly rate for contract work is typically between DKK 185 and DKK 225.

It is important that you contact your local 3F trade union to make sure that you receive correct wages. 

  • Remember: It is important that you keep a log of your meeting hours. 

Sundays and public holidays/special holidays

When you do not work on a public holiday, you are entitled to the payment of DKK 1,300 from the special holiday's account in lieu of wages.

On a monthly basis, your employer will pay an amount, equal to 11,9 (1.3.2022 12,9) percent of your wages, into your special holiday's account. You are entitled to an amount equal to this when you take one of the special holidays to which you are specifically entitled pursuant to your collective agreement. 


If your employer has entered into a collective agreement, you are entitled to a minimum of 6 weeks' holiday every year. Contact your local 3F trade union if you are in doubt about your rights with respect to holiday. 


Contact your local 3F trade union to learn how your money has been paid into your pension scheme and how you may perhaps withdraw your pension savings.

Employees in the construction sector are entitled to pension contributions equal to 12.0% of the wage. The employer will pay 8.0% and the employee 4.0%. This amount may either be paid into PensionDanmark or be deposited for the employer in 3F's holiday fund. 

In addition, your employer pays 0.15 percent to a health care plan through the pension company, which you can make use of completely free. Here you have access to i.a. massage and chiropractic adjustment and other things you may require in order to prevent injuries and get help when the damage is done.

Working-environment rules for construction workers in Denmark

Read more about safety in the building and construction industry here.

More information on the website of the Danish Working Environment Authority.