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Wages (Løn) In Denmark, we do not operate with a legal minimum wage. For this reason, it is important that your workplace provides decent wage and working conditions. Depending on specific and collective agreements, your wage may be combined by various factors.

In Denmark, we do not operate with a legal minimum wage. Wage rates are agreed in the collective agreements. They stipulate wage and working conditions which are the results of negotiation between workers (whom 3F represents) and the employers.

For this reason, your wage may be combined in various ways – depending on which specific collective agreement that covers your workplace, or you may have entered an individual agreement.

For instance, your wages may be comprised by basic wages, bonus, allowances, etc. If you work for public authorities, your wages will frequently be divided into pay scales.

It is important that you receive the pay to which you are entitled, and it is equally important that your employer does not cheat you. By receiving correctly calculated wages you contribute to ensure that, among other things, you will be entitled to receive unemployment benefit in case you are let off and that you receive the right pension and the right bonuses and allowances.

You must be paid for the hours you work. If your employer asks you to work for free by way of interest hours (extra hours not directly required by the employer) or overtime work, you must contact your local 3F trade union.


Local agreement

In Denmark, we also operate with local agreements. A local agreement is a supplement to the collective agreement which your union representative or your trade union has negotiated with your employer.  

The local agreement focuses on concrete work relationships specifically applying to your workplace. This is why many workplaces pay higher wages than stipulated in the collective agreement.  

Ask your union representative about what is set out in the local agreement applicable to your workplace or ask at your local 3F trade union.


No collective agreement

If your employer has not entered a collective agreement, you must negotiate your wages yourself. This fact must be stated in your employment agreement. 3F can help you with respect to wage negotiations.   

Contact your local 3F trade union where they will be pleased to help you.

Check your pay slip. 3F will help you

In 3F, we help our members to make sure that no one is cheated by their employers. As an employee from abroad, you may often find it difficult to understand your rights with respect to your job.

Unfortunately, many workers from abroad are cheated when working in Denmark. For this reason, it is important to be a member of a trade union. We know what wages you are entitled to, and our experts within the field will help you to get compensation if you have been cheated.

We also perform free wage checks which provides you with the opportunity of having your employment agreement and pay slips subjected to a review. This way you will be assured that everything is as it should be.