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Employee representation

Employee representation (Tillidsvalgte) Many 3F members take on representative duties because they have a desire to contribute to the creation of a better workplace and improved organisation of workers. The employee representatives constitute the 3F backbone.

More than 8,000 3F members have been elected by their colleagues to fill a position of trust. Most are employee representatives or work environment representatives and help their colleagues at the workplace.

Election of employee representatives

If you are employed at a workplace with a collective agreement, you never stand alone. The collective agreements also stipulate rules concerning the election of employee representatives.    

At a workplace covered by collective agreements with ten or more employees, you are entitled to elect an employee representative. For certain workplaces, this right already applies at five employees. This will depend on the type of collective agreement in force for the workplace.

At workplaces with 10 or more employees, you must moreover elect a work environment representative.

Are you the new union representative at your workplace?

If you do not have a union representative at your workplace, you might consider whether being your colleagues' spokesman/spokeswoman would perhaps be something for you. 3F has many union representatives from abroad, and we can arrange for your training as a union representative.

Contact your local 3F branch to learn more about how you become a union representative.

Work environment representative

The principal task for a work environment representative is to collaborate with the business management for purposes of providing a better working environment.


The work environment group must, for instance:

  • Keep an eye on health and safety within the group's area and strive to influence the individual employee to exercise safe behaviour.
  • Ensure that the individual employee is responsibly instructed in order that everyone can perform their work at the least possible risk.
  • Participate in the Workplace Assessment Work
  • Participate in the analysis of any industrial accident that may occur.
A work environment representative cannot legally be dismissed as long as he or she is in charge of this function.


You should therefore negotiate an agreement that will also protect the work environment representative after the period of function if such an agreement is not a part of the collective agreement.