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Working in the industrial sector

Working in the industrial sector (Arbejde inden for industriområdet) If you get a job in Denmark, it is important that you join 3F and 3F’s unemployment insurance fund. You can always contact your local 3F trade union to join the union and get answers to your questions.

The rules apply to you who work in the industrial sector, such as factory work.

When you obtain work in the professional area of the industry, which includes factory and warehouse work, we recommend that you become a member of 3F. Here, together with our colleagues in.

64 branches, and your trade union and work environment representatives will ensure that through our collective agreements you get the same benefits and rights as your colleagues with whom you now work.


As at 1 March 2022, the minimum pay per hour is DKK 127.15 in the industrial sector, but as that is a minimum rate and not a true hourly wage, you must contact your trade union representative or your local 3F union to inquire what the actual hourly wage in your enterprise is. Once a year, you are entitled to a new wage negotiation which most often takes place through your trade union representative. It is a solidary wage negotiation that applies to you and your colleagues.

Contract of employment

You and your trade union representative must ensure that you get a contract of employment from your new enterprise within one month. If there is no trade union representative at your new enterprise, you must contact your local 3F trade union, which will review the contract of employment with you.

Working hours

Your weekly working hours are generally 37 hours per week. Therefore, there is also extra pay if the management asks you to work more than that number of hours. If you work in the evening/night for 34 hours per week or on public holidays, this also involves special payment. 

Industriens Pension

If you have previously been covered by a labour market pension, you are covered by that from the first day. Otherwise, you are covered by the scheme two months after your employment. Your employer contributes 8% of your taxable wages, and you contribute 4% of your wages. Speak to your trade union representative or your 3F branch about what this trade union established pension scheme includes for you and your family. 

Holidays/special holidays

Generally, you are entitled to five weeks of holidays. After nine months of employment, you are entitled to another five paid special holidays. The planning and agreement on taking holidays/special holidays is generally made with the enterprise and often in collaboration with your trade union representative. 

Your free choice wage account

When you work in the industrial sector, your employer pays an amount to a free choice account for each month during the working year. The size of the amount depends on the collective agreement, but is always stated as a percentage. 

The amount is calculated as a percentage of your wages, a percentage as compensation for public holiday payment and a percentage for a special holiday which is opted out of.

You can spend the money for extra wages in case of special holidays or for extra pension. That is up to you.

As at 1 March 2022, the free choice account constitutes 7% of the pay used as a basis for calculating holiday payment


If you become ill, you must generally always inform the enterprise as soon as possible. The rules appear from your contract of employment. In connection with the absence due to illness for the first six months of your employment, your municipality grants you sickness benefit. In such case, your enterprise must assist you. 

When you have been employed for six months, you are entitled to full pay during illness for the first nine weeks. If you are injured at your place of work, you must always contact your work environment representative who is going to help you.


If you or your partner becomes pregnant, both the father and the mother are entitled to paid maternity leave. 

Contact your trade union representative/3F branch to ensure that the agreement and rights are adhered to. 

Sick days for children/hospitalisation

After you have been employed for nine months, you are entitled to receive full wages if your child gets sick and is less than 14 years on the first day of sickness. If the sickness requires hospitalisation and the presence of a parent around the clock, you are entitled to paid time off for five days from your enterprise. 

Education/further education

After nine months, you have a right at a minimum of two weeks of self-elected education and training with wage compensation in addition to the enterprise-related training that your enterprise offers you. You can, among other things, take a Danish course (you can have the fee paid if the right to municipal offers is spent. In addition, you get 85% of your lost wages compensated). 


If you run into problems or otherwise feel insecure in your place of work, then do not hesitate to contact your trade union representative/work environment or your 3F branch. We are here for you. We wish you good luck with your new work and new colleagues.