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Working in the industrial sector

Wages and working conditions – The Industry Group (Løn og arbejdsforhold - Industrien) If you get employment in Denmark, it is important that you become a member of 3F and the 3F unemployment fund. You can, at all times, contact the local 3F trade union to apply for membership and get answers to your questions. These rules apply to you who are employed within the industrial sector as e.g. a factory worker.

When you are employed within the professional coverage of the industrial sector – which e.g. comprises factory and warehouse work – we recommend you to become a member of 3F. Together with your trade union and working environment representatives, we and the colleagues of our 66 branches will make sure that – thanks to our collective agreements – you will become eligible for the same advantages and rights as are enjoyed by the colleagues with whom you now work together.



As of 1 March 2016, the minimum hourly wage within the industrial sector equals DKK 113.65. But as this is the minimum rate and not a true expression of the actual rates, you should contact your union representative or local 3F trade union to learn about the actual hourly rates applicable at your workplace. Once annually, the employees are entitled to new wage negotiations. Most frequently, this will be effected via your union representative. This is joint wage negotiation – i.e. a wage policy that shows solidarity with low-paid workers – on behalf of you and your colleagues.


Employment agreement

You and your union representative must make sure that, within a month, you will receive an employment agreement from your new employer. If your workplace has no union representative, you must contact your local 3F trade union where, together, you will review your employment agreement.


Working hours

As a point of departure, your weekly working hours will be 37 hours. This is why, should the management ask you to take on work in excess of the 37 hours, you will be entitled to extra pay. If, for 34 hours a week, you work in the evening/at night or on public holidays, such work will entitle you to specific hourly rates.


Pension within the industrial sector

If, previously you were covered by a labour market pension scheme, you will be covered by the pension scheme from your first day of work. Otherwise, you will be covered by the scheme 2 months after your employment. Your employer will contribute with 8% of your taxable wages whereas you will contribute with 4% of your wages. Ask your union representative or your 3F branch about what this union-created pension scheme will mean to you and your family.


Holiday/special holiday

As a point of departure, you are entitled to 5 weeks' holiday. After 9 months' employment, you will be entitled to another 5 special holidays with pay. Basically, both planning of and the agreement on the taking of your holiday/special holidays will be made in cooperation with the employer and, preferably, with participation of your union representative.


Your free choice wage account

Over the course of the working year, when you are employed within the industrial sector, your employer will every month pay an amount into a free choice account. The size of this amount will depend on the collective agreement, but will always be stated as a percentage.


The amount is calculated as a percentage of your wages, a percentage as compensation for public holiday payment and a percentage for each special holiday not taken.


The money in this account can be used as additional pay in connection with special holidays or for extra pension. You decide.



In the event that you are taken ill, you must – as a point of departure – always let your employer know as soon as possible. The rules in this respect will be stipulated in your employment agreement. With respect to absence due to sickness in the course of the first 6 months of your employment, you will receive sickness benefits via the municipality. Here your employer is under an obligation to help you.

After the first 6 months of your employment, you are entitled to full sick pay for the first 9 weeks. If you are injured at your workplace, you must always contact your work environment representative who is under an obligation to provide assistance.



If you or your partner becomes pregnant, both father and mother will be entitled to maternity/paternity leave with pay. Contact your union representative/3F branch to ensure that agreements and rights are complied with.


Child's illness/hospitalisation

When you have been employed for 9 months, you are entitled to a day off with full pay on your child's first day of illness, if your child is under the age of 14. If the child's illness requires hospitalisation and one of the parents' round-the-clock presence, you are entitled to five days off with pay from your employer.


Education/further training

In addition to the business-relevant training provided by your employer, you will – after 9 months' employment – be entitled to a minimum of 2 weeks' further training of your own choosing with wage compensation.  

You might, for instance, take a course in Danish (you may be entitled to paid fees in case the entitlement to municipal course offerings has been exhausted. In addition, you will receive an 85 percent compensation for lost wages).



In case you should experience problems or in any way feel insecure at your workplace, you should not hesitate to take contact with your union/work environment representative or your 3F branch. We are there for you.

We wish you luck in your new job and with your new colleagues.