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Social dumping

Social dumping (Hvad er social dumping?) Social dumping means that you work at poorer wage and working conditions than what is the ordinary standard in Denmark.

Social Dumping takes place when manpower from abroad is used for jobs in Denmark at far lower wages and poorer working conditions than those applying for their Danish colleagues.

We would like to stress that 3F has many members from abroad and that, of course, you are more than welcome in Denmark. This must however be according to Danish terms and conditions. We do not want you to be cheated when you work in Denmark.

If you work for lower wages and at poorer working conditions, this will lead to problems:

  • for you, because you will be underpaid and thus earn less than you should,
  • for workers working according to the terms of the collective agreements, as their wage and working conditions are put under pressure
  • for those businesses complying with the rules: They cannot cope with the unfair competition and for the employment situation in Denmark, as this will lead to many Danish workers being laid off. 

For these reasons, work performed in Denmark must take place according to Danish wage and working conditions.

Unfortunately, many workers from abroad experience social dumping when working in Denmark, as they are not familiar with the Danish rules.
For this reason, it is important to be a member of the trade union. We know what wages you are entitled to, and our experts within the field will help you to get compensation if you have been cheated.