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Working in the transport sector

Transport Sector (Transportbranchen) As a member of 3F and 3F's unemployment fund, you are always welcome to drop by or call us, if you have questions concerning wages and working conditions. We can help you in case you are cheated on the job. These are the rules for you who work within the transport sector as e.g. a driver, warehouse clerk or delivery man.

You can, at all times, contact the local 3F trade union for advice and consultancy.

Work within the transport sector, for instance, comprises the following work:

  • Driver
  • Ambulance technician
  • Sanitation worker/garbage man
  • Warehouse worker
  • Lorry driver involved in transport destined for export markets
  • Fisherman
  • Dock worker
  • Airport worker
  • Bus driver
  • Taxi driver
  • Laundry worker
  • Newspaper delivery

In Denmark, the labour market is regulated by the collective agreements. They are the result of negotiations between employers and employees (whom 3F represents).

The transport sector operates with more than 40 different collective agreements that regulate your wage and working conditions. The collective agreements ensure that you have decent working conditions and give you rights such as pension, holiday pay, payment of 5 special holidays, public holiday pay, sick pay, etc. Therefore, it is important that your employer has entered into a collective agreement.

Before you sign an employment agreement, it is important that you contact your local 3F trade union. This way you avoid working under poor pay and working conditions.


As, for the transport sector, we operate with more than 40 different collective agreements representing the specific trades, it is important that you contact your local 3F trade union to get advice about the correct wage and employment conditions applicable to your specific trade.

  • Remember: It is very important that you keep a log/calendar of your daily meeting and closing hours.


Employees are entitled to 25 annual days of holiday (the Danish Holidays with Pay Act), and the collective agreement entitles you to 5 special holidays with pay – either via a part payment of 6.75% from the holiday qualifications account or with full pay. This will depend on how you are employed (according to your employment agreement). This is why you should contact your local 3F trade union. 


Employees working at a workplace within the transport sector that is covered by a collective agreement are entitled to an 8% pension-scheme contribution paid by the employer while 4% will be paid by the employee. Collectively, the 12% are paid into PensionDanmark.

Working-environment rules for transport workers in Denmark

The Danish Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet) has prepared a number of leaflets/guidelines about the Danish working environment rules applicable for the transport sector. These rules must be complied with. The rules have been made for the purpose of your security and to protect you, the employee, in the best possible way. Read more about Arbejdstilsynet.

Your local 3F trade union is your adviser and consultant concerning such decent Danish wage and working conditions as will best secure you who work as a transport worker in Denmark.

Become a member of 3F. Then we can help you to decent wage and working conditions when you work in Denmark.