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3F Holiday Fund

3F Holiday Fund is a holiday fund for companies that have formed an accession agreement with 3F (The United Federation of Danish Workers). This primarily includes companies below the Building and Construction Industry (Byggegruppen) and the Hotel and Restaurant Sector (Privat Service, Hotel og Restauration).

FAQ for members/non-members

Does the 3F Holiday Fund have my account number to make a payment of my holiday allowance?  3F Holiday Fund always makes a payment to your NemKonto through your social security number. This happens automatically, but make sure that you have set up a NemKonto account. You can do so at nemkonto.dk 
I applied for holiday allowance a couple of days ago, and I’m wondering why I haven’t received the money yet?  You can find the payments for your holiday allowance at Borger.dk as soon as your employer has reported them, but not paid them into your account.

If you are paid every 14 days, your holiday allowance will be paid by your employer twice a month. The money is paid to you around the 4th and the 18th in the month post vesting period.

If you are paid by the month, your holiday allowance will be paid around the 18th in the month post vesting period. 

This means that if your vesting period is November, payment will happen around December 18th if your employer has paid.

3F Holiday Fund pays out holiday allowance every day as soon as we have the money, and we have received an application. However, the money cannot be paid until four weeks before the first vacation day at the earliest.

We cannot pay the money to you until your employer has paid to us.
I am a foreigner and do not have a Danish NemKonto. How can I receive my money?  Send an e-mail to feriekasse@3f.dk stating your CPR number (if you have one), name and the IBAN number of your foreign bank account. 
There is a mistake in the reports on Borger.dk  Contact your employer. All reports to Borger.dk are done by your employer.
If there is a disagreement, contact your trade union/branch for advice. 

FAQ for employers


Why do I need to use 3F Holiday Fund?

3You need to use 3F Holiday Fund because your company has made an accession agreement with 3F. The agreement states that the company must use 3F Holiday Fund.
How do I configure my payment system to pay into 3F Holiday Fund? Type the following into your payment system:

3F Feriekasse SE: 31378028
PBS-nr. Feriekasse: 03795578

If you need to do a manual transfer, send an e-mail to feriekasse@3f.dk with your CVR number. Then we will send you an FIK code.

At the moment, we are unable to provide contractor service, but we expect to find a solution as soon as possible.
How can I receive information from 3F Holiday Fund? If you did not state your email address when forming the accession agreement, you can send an e-mail to feriekasse@3f.dk