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Working Environment

Working Environment (Arbejdsmiljø) In Denmark, we have rules and legislation targeted at securing a healthy working environment for you. If you have any doubts about your working conditions, you can always ask your local 3F trade union.

The normal weekly working hours are 37 hours; and here you must have a least 11 consecutive hours of resting for every working day (24 hours). The average weekly working hours must never be in excess of 48 hours. Several workers from abroad experience poor working conditions. 3F is intent on combating poor wage and working conditions. Therefore, it is important that you have a chat with the local 3F trade union branch if you are underpaid and / or work under insecure conditions.

Your employer prioritises health and safety by way of:

  • preventing accidents by planning the work and reducing risks
  • instructing you and your colleagues in the safe performance of the work

It is important that you:

  • use lifting gear or take more turns in order to avoid heavy lifting
  • follow the instructions set out in directions for use when working with chemicals
  • reduce noise, for instance by using noise protection, if the noise is so loud that you need to yell at the worker next to you
  • avoid vibration by using proper or remotely controlled tools
  • make sure that you can establish contact with other people if you work alone and in dangerous circumstances
  • use safety helmet and shoes, gloves, glasses, noise protection and respiratory protection for your personal protection

Most employers have a work environment representative who will be able to advise you in matters concerning health and safety at the workplace. If not, you can always ask at your local 3F branch.