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Become a member of 3F

Why you should become a member of 3F (Gode grunde til at være medlem af 3F)

In Denmark, we have no legal minimum wage requirement. Good wage and working conditions are secured through collective agreements which the trade unions negotiate on your behalf.

A collective agreement is an agreement about wage and employment conditions applying to a large group of workers which has been negotiated between employer and employees. Without the security of a collective agreement, you risk having to work at poorer wages, to work longer hours, to lose your entitlement to special holidays and unemployment benefits, and much, much more.

Do not tolerate poor working conditions. Join the trade union. 3F is Denmark's largest trade union, and we are there for you when you need help.

  • 3F will check your wages and your employment contract and tell you whether you are paid the wages you are entitled to.
  • 3F will provide legal assistance from our experts within the field of working conditions. If necessary, we take your case to court – free of charge.
  • 3F has considerable experience in helping foreigners working in Denmark. We provide interpreters if a meeting with your employer about wages or other work-related issues at your place of work is required.
  • Through 3F, you will get any private insurance with Alka at a discount. On average, 3F members will save DKK 3,000 on insurance premiums.3F is not very far away from you, so please drop by. 3F has 65 branches throughout the country. Find your 3F branch here.
Every year, 3F secures about one billion kroner for our members as compensation and default on the payment of pension, wages and holiday pay.